Chilean newspaper Resumen suffers second attack in eight months

"During the early hours of this Monday [March 20], a new attack affected the office of RESUMEN, located in the heart of Concepción [in Chile]. This is the second aggression of this type in eight months. The first of them took place in June 2022 and the results of the attack left the vicinity unusable. The newsroom team itself worked on the repair. In view of the silence of the authorities and the lack of investigation and access to justice, the Biobío Regional Journalists' Association condemned the incident and emphasized that 'it is crucial that the corresponding authorities carry out a thorough investigation.'

After the new attack perpetrated against RESUMEN's workspace, the journalists' union in the region, through a communiqué, emphasized that 'it constitutes a serious threat to freedom of the press and democracy, fundamental values in any society.'

As in the first attack, the intention was to set fire to the surroundings of RESUMEN's office, a situation that did not materialize this time, remaining only a threat of fire. On the other hand, the news outlet's documentation was also stolen."

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