CHV news center and CNN reject the arrest of cameraman in Chile

"This Monday, in the framework of a demonstration by ACES high school students at the Ministry of Education, cameraman Álex Cuadra was detained by national police, while he was performing his press duties.

In this regard, the Directorate of the WarnerMedia news center reports that it ‘regrets and repudiates the detention that a member of our team, cameraman Álex Cuadra Toledo, was subjected to this morning in the exercise of his duties. He was covering a live dispatch, on Alameda Street, in front of the Ministry of Education.'


It is because of the above that 'we express our protest against this procedure on the part of a state institution, which violates both the basic guarantees that must exist for press professionals and the right of public opinion to be informed in a truthful and timely manner.'"

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