Civil organization launches 'ABC' to protect Mexican journalists

"The organization Propuesta Cívica launched an 'ABC' for the protection of journalists in Mexico, which is aimed at authorities, citizens, civil society organizations, media owners, editors, journalists, and students.

This action was taken on the occasion of Freedom of Expression Day, which is commemorated on June 7, a date that reminds that 2022 has been one of the most violent years against the press in Mexico, since 11 journalists have been murdered to date. Since 2006, more than 140 have had the same fate, and at least 20 journalists have disappeared.

There is nothing to celebrate. Several regions of Mexico are in silence, nobody dares to report what happens there. Although there are also journalists who, despite the fear and social indifference and of the media owners themselves, decide not to be silent, to tell stories, to face the death of their colleagues to report despite everything,' according to the organization."

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