CNP: Reform of Ley Resorte in Venezuela would legitimize censorship in media and social networks

"The [Venezuelan] National Assembly reported this Monday [March 29] that the Communication Commission was debating the Law of Social Responsibility in Radio and Television and Electronic Media, better known as the Ley Resorte.

'The National Association of Journalists (CNP, for its acronym in Spanish) has not received any information on the bill to change the law. Despite the fact that the law concerning the execution of journalism establishes that we are collaborators in the country's communication system and that we are defenders of the democratic issue. But, we have not been summoned, nor have they informed us about this modification,' said Edgar Cárdenas, Caracas secretary general of the CNP.

Despite this, Cárdenas said that this reform only 'intends to insist on the legitimization of censorship and criminalization of opinion through legal instruments that violate freedom of expression and information.'"


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