Colombia: Journalist Daniel Coronell does not accept retraction from former president Álvaro Uribe; criminal proceedings to continue

"On the night of April 11, former senator [and former president] Álvaro Uribe wrote on his Twitter account a correction about the accusations against journalist Daniel Coronell: 'He is not a drug trafficker,' he said.

This post came hours after the Prosecutor's Office had summoned Uribe and Coronell to a proceeding to transfer an accusation to the former senator for aggravated slander, because in 2017 he shared a tweet seriously pointing to journalist Daniel Coronell of unproven links with drug trafficking.

Faced with this retraction, the journalist spoke with W Radio and said that he would continue with the criminal proceedings against Uribe. I do not accept his midnight tweet. I will seek economic compensation and I will donate the money to the Mothers of Soacha [an organization of mothers of the so-called 'false positives' - young people who were killed and passed off as guerrillas killed in combat],' Coronell said."

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