Colombia: Protesters break into Semana magazine's offices and cause damages

"The Office of the Attorney General of Colombia announced that it is investigating an alleged violent attack on the Semana magazine's premises in Bogotá by a group of Indigenous representatives [on Friday, Sept. 29]. [...] Semana magazine published on its website a video showing a group of people arriving at its facilities and breaking a glass door.

In their claims during the demonstration, protesters pointed out that traditional media in the country are 'corrupt' and only defend economic interests and not the interests of the people. For its part, the Colombian Indigenous Movement [...] issued a statement saying that, although it defends the right to protest, these particular events 'do not represent the Indigenous Minga [movement], nor our thoughts and words.'

The director of Semana magazine, Vicky Dávila, said that this attack is the result of criticism to the press by President Gustavo Petro's government and is an attack to freedom of the press in Colombia."

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