Colombian Constitutional Court rules in favor of journalists who published allegations against filmmaker Ciro Guerra

"The Constitutional Court [of Colombia] has just denied a tutela [legal remedy in the Colombian system for guaranteeing fundamental rights] filed by filmmaker Ciro Guerra against journalists Catalina Ruiz-Navarro and Matilde de los Milagros. Said journalists published in June 2020 in the digital news site Volcanicas eight allegations of sexual harassment and abuse against Guerra that the filmmaker sought to have removed.

The high court said that the journalists 'did not violate the rights of the petitioner, but presented a feature story of public and political interest, which reflects a specially protected and necessary speech to address discrimination against women and gender-based violence.'


With a presentation by Judge Diana Fajardo Rivera, the Constitutional Court analyzed the case in which the guarantee of two rights came into conflict: the right to freedom of expression and the right to honor and good name which Guerra claimed had been violated. Judge Fajardo Rivera spoke about the protection of speech that seeks to denounce gender-based violence. She reiterated the validity of the escrache [public denunciation] and its relationship with feminist journalism."

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