Colombian mayor accused of hitting journalist

"The work of journalists in Colombia has been pointed out on more than one occasion as a dangerous profession, which is why the Press Freedom Foundation (FLIP, for its acronym in Spanish) constantly monitors violations against this profession in the country; However, attacks against communicators continue to be recorded.

The most current case of this nature was recorded in the municipality of Ábrego, Norte de Santander, where journalist José Ángel Álvarez, known in the region as Chepe Noticias, reported having been beaten by Mayor Huber Sánchez and his bodyguards.


'We were going to participate in a sporting event, we started playing and José Ángel Álvarez's brother arrived with another boy to look for a fight... They started an argument and ended up hitting each other and I went in to separate them and today this man comes and accuses me of attacking him, [the mayor of Ábrego said]."

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