Colombia's FLIP asks for journalists to be allowed to enter Congress

“Since the pandemic began, the media has been banished from the national capitol. […] It is assumed that the session of this July 20, in which the legislature will be installed, will be completely face-to-face due to the fact that the election of the presidency of both chambers will be held, but again the media was left out . In addition, it is not clear whether the veto will be maintained in the next sessions or whether journalists will be allowed to enter the capitol to cover the plenary sessions and the commissions.

In response to the refusal to allow journalists and the media to enter at the beginning of the fourth legislature, the Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP, for its acronym in Spanish) questioned the determination of the congressional directives. For the organization, this decision is 'serious for press freedom.'

In FLIP's consideration, not only are constitutional rights such as freedom of the press and expression being ignored, but 'the access of citizens to relevant public information is being obstructed.' Along the same lines, the Foundation warned that this is an event of high interest in which the presence of the press should be allowed to monitor it."

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