Colombia's President Gustavo Petro denounces publication of photo of his youngest daughter, then apologizes and news outlet responds to accusation

"After a controversy was unleashed in social media [on March 13] by the use of an image of President Gustavo Petro's youngest daughter in an article published by the news outlet La Silla Vacía, the Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP, by its Spanish acronym) spoke out and stated its position.

The debate opened precisely at a time when [Petro's] son Nicolás Petro and his brother Juan Fernando Petro are being accused of alleged acts of corruption. This was the main reason the news outlet published a kind of family tree in which several members of the presidential family were identified, among them, the president's youngest daughter [who's a minor].

According to Petro, La Silla Vacía should not have used the photograph of his daughter to share it on social media. It should've first requested authorization from her parents, so [Petro] described the act as a 'canallada [villainy]' through a tweet.

Then, the president published a formal letter that was sent to the news outlet in question. He shared his arguments for rejecting what had happened with the photo. In addition, he apologized for the initial tweet."

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