Costa Rica, haven for persecuted journalists from Central America, now faces its own challenges

"[...] along with Uruguay, Costa Rica is the only full democracy in Latin America, according to the latest Democracy Index by The Economist, and has been ranked second on the entire continent, after Canada, in the Press Freedom Index from Reporters Without Borders (RSF, for its acronym in French).


That's why it has become a magnet for reporters from nearby countries facing increasingly repressive regimes. The number of exiled journalists in Costa Rica is uncertain, but a conservative estimate exceeds 150 reporters and 20 media outlets.


'If you compare Costa Rica with the rest of Central America, here they don't kill or imprison. But with this new government we are experiencing systematic attacks on the media that we haven't seen before,' says Natasha Cambronero, investigative editor of La Nación de Costa Rica."

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