Court in Argentina ratifies rejection of former president's lawsuit against journalist Eduardo Feinmann

"The Civil Court ratified this Friday, April 29, the rejection of a lawsuit filed in 2016 by Vice President Cristina Kirchner against journalist Eduardo Feinmann for what he had said during a political debate in the program 'Animales Sueltos' [Loose animals]. The former president had been called a 'bribe-taker' and an 'idiot.'

In the court's opinion, 'neither the intention to offend, nor the total lack of concern on the part of the journalist to affect the reputation of the claimant with his comments has been proven.' The ruling recalled the scope of freedom of the press and Cristina Kirchner's status as a public official, as it rejected the compensation request that, in 2016, was for one million Argentine pesos (about US $8,600)."

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