Cuba: Article 19 alerts about the escalation of repression to journalism, after forced resignations of journalists

"ARTICLE 19 expresses its concern and alert about the intensification of the repressive scenario that has arisen in recent months against journalists [in Cuba], by forcing them to publicly resign their jobs in exchange for not being imprisoned. So far we know of the resignations of Cynthia de la Cantera of the digital news outlet Yucabyte; Jose Leandro Garbey, Mellin Puertos Borrero, Mauro Roberto Díaz, Aleiny Sánchez Martínez, Claudia Bravet Ramírez, of the digital news outlet El Toque; the case of Nelson Julio Álvarez Mairata of Cubanet, and the particular situation of harassment to the staff member of Periodismo de Barrio, Ismario Rodríguez Pérez.


Publicly renouncing journalism is not the only demand made by agents of the Department of State Security. ARTICLE 19 has learned that journalists are asked to film videos in which they repent of practicing their profession in a location of their choice and to sign a letter of commitment not to join 'counterrevolutionary organizations.'"

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