Cuba: Regime threatens to prosecute journalist José Luis Tan Estrada for 'civil disobedience'

"Cuban State Security detained Diario De Cuba journalist José Luis Tan Estrada for more than five hours on Monday [Sept. 4] to prevent him from attending the trial against activist Ienelis Delgado Cué in the People's Court of Camagüey. The court eventually sentenced Delgado Cue to nine months in prison for the alleged crime of contempt of court.

Tan Estrada explained to Diario de Cuba that he was intercepted and arbitrarily detained outside the court by two State Security agents wearing civilian clothes, and about four policemen in uniform. The journalist was taken to a dungeon where he was held for five hours in 'subhuman' conditions and together with several common criminals who had been there for several days, according to his testimony.

Tan Estrada confirmed to Diario de Cuba that in a subsequent interrogation at the Police offices, before being released, it informed him that he was there with a warning letter for 'civil disobedience.'"