Cuban publication El Toque receives award from the Latin American Studies Association

"The Latin American Studies Association (LASA) distinguished José Jasán Nieves, editor-in-chief of the Cuban multimedia platform El Toque and the group of journalists who are part of it, with its award dedicated to the media 2023.

"For us, this award is a great occasion because it means recognizing the work we have done for years. But above all, it is the opportunity to make visible the work of those colleagues who were forced to resign under the most tremendous pressures.  In conditions of psychological torture that ended with the, practically total, dismantling of our team in Cuba, between the months of August and November last year," José Jasán Nieves told our editorial staff.

The LASA Media Award is given for journalistic contributions to the analysis and public debate on Latin America, as well as for innovative journalism."

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