Daniel Ortega inaugurates a 'cultural center' in the building he expropriated from La Prensa, Nicaragua's oldest newspaper

"The regime of Daniel Ortega inaugurated this Wednesday [April 19] a state technical education center in the building of the legendary newspaper La Prensa, militarily occupied since August 2021 and whose editorial staff went into exile due to the persecution unleashed against its staff.

On Aug. 13, 2021, police patrols stormed the newspaper's premises, seized its general manager, Juan Lorenzo Holmann, and took over the building. On March 23, 2022, Holmann was sentenced to nine years in prison and a fine of three million dollars for the alleged crime of 'money laundering,' which, according to the Nicaraguan newspaper, the regime's Prosecutor's Office failed to prove.


'Tomorrow the Don José Coronel Urtecho Cultural and Polytechnic Center will be inaugurated, because for the first time in Nicaragua, a revolution is the revolution, the first revolution against all the past,' announced this Tuesday Rosario Murillo, wife of the Nicaraguan dictator and vice-president of the country."

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