Ecuadoran journalist held hostage in front of cameras asks for asylum in United States

“Some terrifying images went around the world in January. They showed how a television crew in Ecuador was held hostage by a group of criminals during a live broadcast. But the most shocking thing was the image of journalist José Luis Calderón while he was subdued by these subjects. Since then, his life took a radical turn, so much so that he could no longer work again.

The journalist and his colleagues became the face of the extreme insecurity that Ecuador is experiencing as a result of narcoterrorism. It's a situation that forced José Luis Calderón to leave the country and seek asylum in the United States.


Insecurity that has also led, like never before, thousands of other Ecuadorians to emigrate. In 2023 alone, a flow of more than 117,000 Ecuadorians was recorded trying to enter the United States irregularly through the border with Mexico.”

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