Ecuadorian Attorney General's Office raids offices of digital news outlet in Manta for investigation into journalist's murder

"One month after the assassination of journalist Gerardo Delgado, [who used to work at] Ola Manta, the Montecristi Prosecutor's Office is moving forward with preliminary investigations, amid complete secrecy. According to information from the news outlet La Marea de Manabí, by a request of the Police to the Prosecutor's Office, and by order of a Judge of the Criminal Judicial Unit, the offices of the digital news outlet, located on the 11th floor of the Business Center building, were searched under warrant.

In the warrant document - authorizing the search - it was revealed that the purpose of the raid was to find objects related to the death of the reporter, who was shot dead on the aft. of Aug. 10, in the La Paola neighborhood, on the Manta-Montecristi road, in Manabí, Ecuador."

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