Ecuadorian journalists assaulted and attacked during live broadcast

"Journalist Jhony Urgiles and cameraman Diego Vélez were broadcasting live the newscast of the digital media outlet DulzuraTV on June 28 when they were assaulted and verbally and physically attacked by two individuals who entered the channel's facilities in the province of Cañar, in the Ecuadorian sierra.

After seven at night, when they had presented the first article of the newscast, Urgiles noticed that an unknown person entered the facilities. In the video of the broadcast, the journalist can be seen getting up and walking away from the intruder, who wears a motorcycle helmet and proceeds to take things from the desk. Meanwhile you can hear in the background the shout of the communicator: 'Help, they rob us.' Immediately afterwards, the assailant assaults the journalist and the transmission is cut."


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