Ecuadorian Ombudsman's Office calls for protection of journalists during upcoming run-off

  • Source: EFE
  • August 23, 2023

"The Ombudsman's Office of Ecuador has urged the government to reinforce the protection of journalists during the electoral process that will conclude next Oct. 15 with a run-off between presidential candidates Luisa González and Daniel Noboa.

The Ombudsman's Office, in a communiqué released this Monday [Aug. 21] which responds to a summary of the national situation, expressed its concern about 'the multiple threats and aggressions directed at journalism professionals' and which this year forced at least four of them to seek refuge abroad.

The threats to journalists and the insecurity experienced in the country 'have hindered their work due to the fear and uncertainty they generate, which undoubtedly harms full access to information by the population.'"

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