Ecuador's Fundamedios reports 'notable increase' in attacks on the press

"In June 2024, the exercise of freedom of expression and the press in Ecuador became more dangerous and violent, with a notable increase in attacks on media outlets. Fundamedios documented 21 attacks this month, an increase from May, raising the annual total to 119 attacks. This pattern reveals an escalation in violence and hostility towards the press in the country.

An alarming aspect this month is the prevalence of attacks perpetrated by the state, which accounted for 15 of the 21 recorded attacks. This highlights a pattern of increasing restrictions by the government of Daniel Noboa, who has intensified control over the distribution of information and has resorted to certain actions of censorship and repression against critical voices. Since Noboa took office on November 23, 2023, there have been 139 documented attacks, indicating a significant increase in attacks on freedom of expression during his administration."

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