El Faro moves from El Salvador to Costa Rica due to Bukele's persecution

"As of April 1, El Faro is registered under the non-profit Fundación Periódica in San José, Costa Rica. We will continue doing journalism in El Salvador and our main newsroom will remain there, but our administrative and legal operations will not. We are still a Central American news outlet, but one now based in San José.

This is the culmination of a monthslong process driven by the lack of conditions for our company to remain in El Salvador.

The dismantling of democracy, the lack of checks and balances on the exercise of power of a small group of people, the attacks against press freedom, and the shuttering of all transparency and accountability mechanisms gravely threaten Salvadorans’ right to be informed while considerable public resources are allotted to disseminating propaganda and disinformation.

Under the government of Nayib Bukele, campaigns originating in Casa Presidencial have sought to defame and discredit El Faro and its employees. We have faced physical surveillance and threats, Pegasus spyware attacks, harassment of advertisers, and defamation from public officials and ruling-party legislators. The president even used state television and radio to falsely accuse us of money laundering. But, above all, we are responding to and appealing multiple Treasury Ministry audits and fabricated criminal accusations in different administrative forums and courtrooms despite the fact that in El Salvador there is no longer a separation of powers."

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