El Salvador: APES warns about judicial process that could set 'disastrous' precedent for press freedom

“The Association of Journalists of El Salvador (APES, for its acronym in Spanish) denounces the progression -- despite the legal barriers that protect journalism -- of the judicial process filed by businessman Yakov Fauster against media outlet El Diario de Hoy (EDH) and against journalist Jorge Beltrán Luna. This is a case that began in June 2023 and seeks the imposition of a fine of US$10 million against the media outlet and the journalist, an action that constitutes a direct attack on press freedom and a flagrant attempt to silence journalists through abuse of the judicial system in the country.


The case is of great relevance due to the disastrous precedent that could be set for the journalistic profession in El Salvador if a ruling is made against the outlet and the journalist. If this process is allowed to prosper, we could face a scenario where journalists will be subject to future lawsuits for 'moral damage' simply for exercising their informative duty in Salvadoran society."

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