El Salvador police chief threatens to imprison journalists who covered 2012 government-gang truce

"The government of Nayib Bukele has intensified its persecution against journalists. This Tuesday [June 6] the Salvadoran police chief, Mauricio Arriaza Chicas, said that reporters who denounced and investigated the secret negotiations between the government of then President Mauricio Funes and the maras, the gangs that spread terror in the Central American country and controlled large territories, will be prosecuted. The so-called 'truce' was agreed to in 2012 and allowed for the reduction of rates of violence at that time in El Salvador.

'Those political leaders, like some journalists who were also in that [truce], those in charge of justice and the policy of criminal prosecution, at any moment, they are going to show up at the judicial level,' Arriaza warned. They are going to have to respond for those actions which were an apology for crime and led to things or aggravating circumstances to affected the Salvadoran people,' the official said."

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