elPeriódico will cease print circulation in Guatemala

  • Source: DW
  • November 30, 2022

"The Guatemalan newspaper elPeriódico, whose president [José Rubén Zamora] is in prison accused of money laundering after denouncing corruption in the government, announced on Nov. 18 that it will focus on its digital version after suffering 'attacks' that make it difficult for it to circulate in print.

"It is no secret that since the founding of elPeriódico in 1996 there have been efforts to close the newspaper and prevent its circulation," said Juan Diego Godoy, digital director of the newspaper, who did not rule out resuming the print edition in the future.

"However, in 2022, under the regime of Alejandro Giammattei and Miguel Martínez (former head of the Government Center), the attacks, persecution against our directors, editors, journalists and economic blockades that affect our customers, have multiplied. These reasons force us to accelerate our digital plan 2025 in order to ensure the continuity of the most important newspaper in the country," he said.

elPeriódico will cease paper circulation as of Dec. 1."

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