Enrollment opens for international diploma for journalists

"The Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) and the Latin American Council for Accreditation of Education in Journalism (CLAEP, for its acronym in Spanish), opened the registration process for a virtual diploma for the professionalization of journalists.

Under the general title of "Discovering the secrets of Journalism," the IAPA/CLAEP diploma will begin on Aug. 28 and will run until April 2022. It is a certified diploma for young journalists that will be taught by Latin American university professors with the accompaniment of case studies presented by media executives.

The IAPA will grant scholarships to 30 journalists at a cost of US $ 740 per scholarship. Interested journalists must complete the registration process before Aug. 15. To review the requirements and other details, please go to: http://ucasociales.esy.es/diplomadoclaep/"


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