Espionage operation against Cuban officials in Colombia included journalists, Revista Raya revealed

  • Source: FLIP
  • August 22, 2022

"Journalistic revelations published by Raya Magazine warn of a case of espionage that directly or indirectly affected Colombian and foreign journalists.

According to the investigation, agents of the Colombian State traced contacts of the Cuban political attaché Joel Marrero Enríquez, who according to the Colombian government was carrying out espionage activities. As a result of this surveillance, the following journalists were linked through mentions, call records and photographs: Joshua Goodman (Associated Press), Gerald Bermúdez (independent photojournalist) and José Luis Mayorga (Reporters Without Borders Agency).

FLIP rejects all types of espionage that put journalists at risk, as this seriously affects their privacy, integrity and the confidentiality of their sources."

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