Exiled journalists concerned about 'rise of authoritarianism in the region' and siege of the press

"The closure of 54 media outlets in Nicaragua by orders of the Government of Daniel Ortega, the confiscation of three other newspaper companies plus the closure of some 1,800 non-governmental organizations are for Carlos Fernando Chamorro, director of Confidencial, the greatest evidence of the 'drastic closure' in his country.

Chamorro shared his insights with other journalists from Venezuela and Cuba who have experienced persecution. They were in agreement that authoritarianism is behind the attacks on the free exercise of journalism, regardless of nuances, be they from the left or the right. They clearly see that there is a 'worrying rise' of authoritarianism in the region.


Chamorro participated on Mon. Sept. 19 in an event organized by the Center for Media Integrity in the Americas, 'Exiled, not silenced: Journalism under siege,' held at the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS)."

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