Extremist group hacks networks of the Peruvian fact-checking alliance Ama Llulla, and spreads hateful messages

“A group that identifies itself as far-right has undertaken a strategy of illicit appropriation of the graphic identity and messages of the Ama Llulla network on social networks, through a Facebook account that spreads false content and hateful messages against candidates from different parties, in what constitutes one of the most aggressive disinformation actions of the 2021 electoral campaign in Peru.

The page, whose Facebook record indicates that it was created on the same day that the Ama Llulla network broadcast its first electoral checks, has even appropriated original videos and messages, interspersed with graphic pieces of overtly false, and in some cases defamatory, content ."

LJR note: Ama Llulla, "don't lie" in Quechua, is a new Peruvian media network that is carrying out fact-checking to combat false information during the electoral campaign for the general elections of April 11.

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