Fewer journalists murdered, but violence against the press is 'worrisome' in Mexico

  • Source: EFE
  • January 2, 2024

"Mexico closes 2023 with five murders of journalists but, despite the drop in these aggressions compared to last year, when thirteen murders against journalists were recorded, the problem continues to be 'worrisome,' Article 19 told EFE.

'Mexico should not have a single journalist murdered, it is outrageous for a journalist's life (woman or man) to be taken in this way, that their voice is extinguished in this way,' said Pedro Cárdenas, coordinator of documentation for Article 19's protection and defense program, in an interview.

Through its methodology, Cárdenas said that the organization identified that 'at least five of the murders that have taken place this year can be linked to their journalistic work.'"

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