Forum on Right of Access to Public Information denounces the regression of transparency with Ministry of Health in Brazil

"Eleven civil society organizations that are part of the Right to Access to Public Information Forum - coordinated by Transparency Brasil - published today (Dec. 10, 2020) a technical note with recommendations for improvements in the transparency of the Ministry of Health regarding data about the new coronavirus pandemic. The document will be forwarded to external control bodies (Comptroller General of the Union, Court of Union Accounts, the Joint Commission of the National Congress COVID-19, the Federal Public Ministry and the Public Ministry at the Court of Union Accounts), with a request for action.

Six months after the sending of a letter signed by 100 organizations to the federal government, in repudiation of successive attempts to eliminate public data related to COVID-19, the new document denounces the lack of updating of epidemiological bulletins and delays in the dissemination of data on the disease and initiatives to mitigate its effects, such as numbers of beds, distribution of tests and hospital drugs. The public demonstration also mentions the strategies used to damage journalistic coverage of the biggest health crisis in recent history."

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