Guatemala Court rejects Prosecutor's request to reactivate case against elPeriódico journalists

“This Monday, March 18, the Third Court of Appeals rejected the request of the Special Prosecutor's Office Against Impunity (FECI, for its acronym in Spanish) to annul the resolution of the Fifth Criminal Court that closed the case against several journalists and columnists of elPeriódico, judicial sources reported.

With that appeal, the FECI intended to reactivate the criminal process launched against the journalists, who were investigated for allegedly having committed the crime of obstruction of justice for publications of the case in which José Rubén Zamora, president and founder of elPeriódico and prisoner since July 29, 2022, is being prosecuted.


Just last Jan. 8, Judge Aurora Gutiérrez, of the Fifth Criminal Court of First Instance, decided that the case against the journalists fell within the jurisdiction of a printing court, a decision that was appealed by the public prosecutor's office on Jan. 12.”

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