Guatemala: Trial to begin against police officers who illegally detained journalist Norma Sancir

"On May 17, the trial will begin against three agents and a former commissioner of the National Civil Police of Guatemala for the illegal detention of journalist Norma Sancir, on Sept. 18, 2014.

Sancir was covering a demonstration of the Mayan Ch'orti' people in the municipality of Camotán. They were demanding the approval of the National Rural Development System Law.

The trial against agents Olga Leticia Segura, Marcelina López Pérez, Mirna Marleny Ortiz, and former commissioner Ceferino Salquin, for the crime of abuse of authority, should have begun on Sept. 28, 2022, but one day earlier, by order of the alternate judge of the Court, Silvia Lorena Solares Morales, the parties were notified that the trial had been postponed.


'I remember that about five or six male police officers stopped me, and after they searched me, they took my equipment. Then they started insulting me and handcuffed me, arrested me, and took me away. I was in jail for five days for the crimes of assault and public disorder,' the journalist said."

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