Guatemalan journalist is among next ten fellows selected by Reuters Institute at Oxford University

"Ten journalists from around the world are beginning their Journalist Fellowship at the Reuters Institute in October 2021. During their time in Oxford, they will explore the future of journalism through seminars, networking, a personal project of relevance to them, and most importantly through learning from one another's experiences, challenges and strategies to solve them.


[Guatemalan journalist] Claudia Cruz is a product manager with more than 20 years working at the intersection between technology and journalism. She is a digital leader of several key journalistic projects in the country including Prensa Libre, elPeriódico, Revista ContraPoder and Diario Digital. Along with my peers at Prensa Libre she became a Facebook Accelerator 2020 and Google News Initiative 2021 grantee. She is passionate about analytics and visualisations and is involved in storytelling using a variety of media. Recently, she developed an interest in business models stemming from the launch of Prensa Libre's first digital paid subscription."

Cruz's project will focus on the question: "What does a successful media business look like in Central America?"


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