Guatemalan judge exonerates journalist Carlos Choc, accused of instigating violence after covering protests in 2021

"A Guatemalan judge ordered this Tues., Sept. 13, to release without charges journalist Carlos Choc, who had been accused of instigating violence during a demonstration in 2021. Judge Aníbal Arteaga [...] dismissed the accusations against Choc. The judge said there was insufficient evidence to support the accusation made by the Guatemalan Public Prosecutor's Office (MP, by its Spanish acronym).

The complaint against the journalist, who works for the digital news outlet Prensa Comunitaria, had been filed by 13 agents of the Guatemalan National Civil Police (PNC). The agents accused the journalist of having physically assaulted them during a demonstration in October 2021 [...].

During the demonstration, Choc documented when Guatemalan security forces stifled with tear gas people who were blocking the road in repudiation of the country's largest active open-pit mine."

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