Guatemalan Public Prosecutor's Office requested to extend investigation to journalists and independent media in case of José Rubén Zamora

"In the hearing where the president of elPeriódico, José Ruben Zamora, was indicted for a second case in which he is accused of conspiracy to obstruct justice, the Public Prosecutor's Office requested that the investigation be extended to journalists and independent news outlets. It argues that their publications hindered the work of the Public Prosecutor's Office.

Prosecutor Cinthia Monterroso, from the Special Prosecutor's Office Against Impunity (Feci, by its Spanish acronym) presented to Judge Jimi Bremer press clippings of news about her, judges and Ronald García Navarijo, who is a witness in the first case filed against Zamora. The prosecutor argued that the journalists who published the information may have committed 'obstruction of justice.'


The prosecutor added that Zamora could not have acted alone and therefore mentioned columnists Edgar Gutiérrez and Gonzalo Marroquin Godoy. In addition to the director of elPeriódico Julia Corado; the former editor, Gerson Ortiz. In addition to journalists Alexander Valdez, Cristian Velix, Rony Ríos, and Denis Aguilar.

Monterroso went further and asked for authorization to investigate the financing of 'independent media' - without mentioning any specific one - because, she said, we must know 'what were the instructions to illegally investigate judges and prosecutors. To follow them to their homes. Because there may be other media and they received the same financing,' she argued."

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