Guatemala's new president must act quickly to stop the criminalization of journalism: RSF

  • Source: RSF
  • January 22, 2024

"Following his inauguration as Guatemala’s president on Jan. 14 , Bernardo Arévalo faces a range of press freedom challenges as a key test of his new government. With a reputation as a reformer, it remains to be seen how Arévalo will act to stop the criminalization of journalism in Guatemala, including addressing the high-profile case of detained elPeriódico publisher Jose Rubén Zamora, who faces a retrial in February.


'While newly elected president Bernardo Arévalo does not have direct powers over the Public Prosecutor's Office or the justice system, he knows that his arrival in power means a lot for rebuilding a strong press freedom climate. It is imperative that the police apparatus and executive bodies cease the persecution of journalists and the Guatemalan authorities, without delay, release elPeriódico publisher Jose Rubén Zamora, who is scheduled to be retried on 5 February,' said RSF's Latin America Bureau Director, Artur Romeu."

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