Gustavo Gorriti, director of IDL-Reporteros, denounces that Peruvian prosecutor's office criminalizes journalism after opening investigation against him

"The Supreme Prosecutor's Office [of Peru] has initiated a controversial preliminary investigation against Gustavo Gorriti, renowned director of IDL-Reporteros, which has generated an intense debate about freedom of expression and the rights of journalists in the country.

Under the direction of the provisional supreme prosecutor Alcides Chinchay, in charge of the Second Transitory Supreme Prosecutor's Office, this measure is perceived as a direct attack on investigative journalism and generates alarm among defenders of press freedom.

The investigation focuses on the request for information from Gorriti's telephone, with indications of eventually requesting the lifting of the secrecy of his communications. This action is seen as a violation of the fundamental right of journalists to protect their sources, an essential element for the exercise of free and independent journalism."

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