Son of Brazilian journalist Tim Lopes releases documentary about his father, 20 years after his murder

"Twenty years after the murder of journalist Tim Lopes, tortured and killed by members of drug trafficking gangs in Rio de Janeiro, [streaming platform] GloboPlay is launching a new documentary about his career, directed by his son Bruno Quintella. He had already directed another documentary with the aim of keeping his father's memory alive. The premiere of 'Onde Está Tim Lopes?' (Where is Tim Lopes?) will be on Thursday, June 29.

'I'd previously made a documentary about my father from the perspective of a son in search of his father's stories, a very personal and emotional take. In this series I am, in a way, letting go a bit to follow my own path,' said Quintella, who is also a journalist. However, he is more interested in documentaries and cinema."

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