'How to do journalism under a dictatorship, lessons from Nicaragua': Lecture by Carlos Chamorro at the Reuters Institute

"[...] Last Feb. 15, we 94 Nicaraguan citizens were stripped of our nationality by the regime of Daniel Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo, in an illegal, unconstitutional act, and in violation of international treaties signed by the State of Nicaragua. The penalty also includes the loss of our citizenship rights in perpetuity and the confiscation of our assets, including our Social Security pensions.

Included in the list of 94 are 11 journalists, directors of exiled media outlets such as Confidencial, 100% Noticias, Artículo 66, Nicaragua Investiga, Radio Darío, Divergentes, Café con Voz, and other news outlets.

Six days earlier, on Feb. 9, another 222 people - all political prisoners - were released from prison, banished to the United States and stripped of their Nicaraguan nationality in an act of revenge, with which Ortega with one hand undid the gesture he had made with the other."

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