Human rights organizations reject bill to regulate new technologies in Mexico

On Sept. 21, human rights organizations Article 19 (Office for Mexico and Central America), Access Now, Luchadoras, and SocialTIC published a press release rejecting a bill that seeks to reform the Mexican Federal Criminal Code regarding the regulation of new technologies.

The bill was presented by Senator Olga Sanchez Cordero who says the aim of the amendment is the protection of children. "The bill contains an illegitimate limitation to the right to freedom of expression that has nothing to do with the best interests of children. The bill seeks to impose a sanction on anyone who digitally alters the face of a person with the 'intention' of making it appear true," the press release reads.

"The bill implies that whoever uses filters or edits photographs, produces memes that alter the appearance of faces, or digitally modifies faces of third parties, including their own, may be subject to punishment with imprisonment, which is obviously harmful and violates citizens' human rights," it stated.

Read press release (In Spanish)