IAPA condemns recent murders of three journalists in Mexico and Honduras

"The Inter-American Press Association asked the Mexican and Honduran authorities to quickly and thoroughly investigate the motives behind the murders of three reporters in recent days. The organization reiterated its complaint about the lack of efficiency of the protection and safety mechanisms for journalists. IAPA's president Jorge Canahuati expressed his condolences to the families and colleagues of the victims of these crimes in Mexico and Honduras.

In Mexico, Margarito Martínez, 49, a freelance photojournalist, was shot on Jan. 17 as he was leaving his home in the city of Tijuana, in the state of Baja California. [...] José Luis Gamboa, director of the digital newspaper Inforegio, was attacked on Jan. 10 with a sharp weapon during an alleged robbery in the port of Veracruz. [...] In Honduras, Pablo Isabel Hernández Rivera, 34, an activist and journalist, was shot from behind as he was on his way to church in San Marcos de Caiquín, in the Lempira department, on Jan. 9."

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