IAPA warns of judicial criminalization and threats against journalists in Paraguay

"The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) warned in a document released Friday [April 19] about the 'cases of judicial criminalization against the journalistic practice' in Paraguay and the threats faced by reporters and journalists as a result of the denunciations made as part of their work.

[...] The organization also mentioned that 'several prosecutors and lawyers demanded to know the identity of journalists who published information about former President Horacio Cartes (2013-2018)'. The publication alludes to an extension of the complaint filed by Cartes in October 2023, after an initial one he filed in July last year, about an alleged 'persecution' against him.


The IAPA also mentioned cases of threats against journalists. Specifically, it referred to the situation of journalist Vicente Godoy, who received death threats in October 2023 after denouncing irregularities against a former mayor of the town of Horqueta. Godoy initiated asylum proceedings. Other journalists, such as Jorge Daniel Romero and Hernán Victorio González, from the website Info Salto and the program El Debate, of Radio 100.5 FM of Salto del Guairá [...], said they were victims of death threats for which they hold the local mayor and his entourage responsible."

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