In Argentina, protesters violently enter Río Negro newsroom, destroy building and attack staff

  • Source: ADEPA
  • March 23, 2021

"The Association of Argentine Journalistic Entities (Adepa) strongly repudiates the violent attacks and intimidations by protesters from the Central of Workers of Argentina (CTA-Autónoma) at the newspaper Río Negro, in General Roca, that occurred midday [March 23], and demands judicial investigation of the incident, as well as the punishment of those responsible.

The aggressors forcibly entered the central building of the media outlet, and once inside, they destroyed things, painted the walls and furniture, and threatened and beat the receptionist and a photographer. The newspaper's building was completely destroyed, with graffiti and posters in a clear intimidating message towards the media outlet and its workers. In addition, journalist Luis Leiva was threatened with death."


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