In Mexico, official advertising continues to be exercised under discretionary practices and without due transparency: Article 19

"Analysis of the final expenditure on official advertising for the year 2020, obtained through the Social Communication System (COMSOC, for its acronym in Spanish) belonging to the Ministry of Public Administration, indicates that 2,248 million pesos were exercised, out of a total of 2,452 million approved for that fiscal year. This means that the federal government spent around a fifth of the 11,398 million pesos in the second year of EPN's administration. Thus, the downward trend in government advertising spending is sustained.

However, both administrations have in common the persistent absence of clear rules for the allocation and distribution of official advertising. This remains a bad practice, since it allows the concentration of spending in a small group of media or that the majority of spending is exercised by a few institutions."

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