Independent journalists are arrested and interrogated at G77+China Summit in Cuba

"Independent digital magazine La Hora de Cuba denounced the arrest of its editor, Henry Constantin Ferreiro, who was intercepted by State Security in Havana in the midst of the G77+China Summit, while another journalist was summoned for questioning on Sunday [Sept. 17] at a police station in [the municipality of] Marianao.

'Henry [Ferreiro] is currently in the capital's Vivac [detention center] and was allowed to make a phone call. During the call, Henry informed us that an official [who identifies himself as] Orlando, from the State Security, is in charge of his case,' the news outlet reported.


In addition, independent journalist Neife Rigau attended an interrogation on Sunday at the Marianao police station, following a summons delivered on Saturday by the State Security. [...] The young journalist confirmed that Ferreiro is in the Vivac detention center and that he will be transferred to [the city of] Camagüey."

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