Journalist alleges Mexican financial intelligence unit investigating Mexican journalist Carlos Loret de Mola and digital media outlet Latinus

"Journalist Peniley Ramírez, in a column titled 'UIF vs. Latinus' in her opinion section Linotipia at Reforma newspaper, alleged that the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF, by its Spanish acronym) of [Mexico's Ministry of Finance and Public Credit] opened a new investigation into journalist Carlos Loret de Mola, his wife, [actor] Victor Trujillo and two branches of [the digital media outlet] Latinus. This, after the journalist's reports against President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's children and some of their closest friends.


[Ramírez] said that last Feb. 8, the UIF sent official letters to all the brokerage houses, stock exchange houses, banks and financial companies, requesting information about Loret de Mola, his wife Berenice Yaber and Trujillo. The financial institutions had to answer if they had bank accounts and their balances, as well as to deliver any credit or loan contract, any monthly account statement, or any other information.

On June 5, according to the column, the UIF issued two more investigation notices related to Latinus. In this case, they were about Latinus Media Radio and Latinus Media MX Hub, two companies registered in June and September 2022."

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