Journalism student attacked by fans in Argentina while covering soccer game

“During the [soccer] match between Newell's and San Lorenzo this Sunday [March 3] night, serious disturbances were reported at halftime and when fans left Coloso Marcelo Bielsa. The images of the attacks between supporters and the police quickly spread and generated outrage. But the situation exceeded the limit when a group of fans went to attack journalists who were in the press section.

'Several grabbed me... I am a journalism student, a Newell's fan from birth, I grew up watching the Vieira, Gallego and Martino team and several others. Today I fulfilled one of my dreams, which was to cover Newell's for the first time in my life as part of the press,' one of the attacked workers began his story.

'Some of them took me out of the press area to hit me, insult me ​​and steal my work items. 'It was all because I didn't have a Newell's t-shirt while I was doing my job... At no time did I make any gesture or allusion to anything, I was just doing my journalistic work,' he said."

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