Journalist Anabel Hernández accuses Mexican president of censoring her book

  • Source: EFE
  • May 21, 2024

"In an interview with [Spanish news agency] EFE, Mexican journalist Anabel Hernandez accused the government of [President] Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of exercising a 'terrible censorship that suffocates' her new book 'The Secret History: AMLO and the Sinaloa Cartel,' in social networks and media.


'The president of the republic has a monopoly on communication, through his 'mañanera' [morning press conference], where he has already disqualified me and my work on several occasions. There are insults, there is machismo, there is misogyny,'  Hernandez said.


The book, based on dozens of testimonies and judicial files from the United States, narrates how the Sinaloa Cartel allegedly financed López Obrador's campaigns since 2006, until the mid-term elections of 2021, when his party, the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), swept almost all states."

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