Journalist critical of Israel is investigated in Brazil; press association reacts

"The ABI (Brazilian Press Association, for its acronym in Portuguese) issued a statement this Saturday (Dec. 30) classifying as intimidation an investigation opened by the PF (Federal Police) against journalist Breno Altman for criticizing Israel. The investigation into Altman, who is an editor of the site Opera Mundi, was revealed by Brasil 247. The journalist has issued positions contrary to Israel's actions in the war in Gaza and recently released the book 'Contra o Sionismo: Retrato de uma Doutrina Colonial e Racista' (Against Zionism: Portrait of a Colonial and Racist Doctrine) (Alameda Editorial).

The ABI says that the determination by the MPF (Federal Public Ministry) to open the investigation due to a complaint from Conib (Confederação Israelita do Brasil) is based on a complaint made 'in a biased way'. (...) The entity says that the investigation sounds like 'evident harassment of a critical journalist.' 'An attempt to silence him with the threat of criminal prosecution, which is inconceivable in the democratic rule of law'".

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